How do I know if my child or family needs psychotherapy?

Individuals and families often decide to seek psychotherapy when issues that they were previously managing on their own persist, get worse or have an increasingly negative impact on day-to-day functioning and well-being.

Most people are raised to be independent and solve problems on their own; as a result, it is common for parents to feel reluctant about seeking professional help and ambivalent as to whether therapy will be of any help. There is also the persistent stigma that psychotherapy is only for people suffering a debilitating mental illness or going through tremendous personal hardship. In fact, most children and adults who decide to seek out therapist support are quite healthy overall and seeking support for far more typical, everyday challenges.

Still unsure? If you’re curious about working with a therapist, that curiosity is worth pursuing. Consider setting up one or two sessions, keep an open mind, and see how the experience unfolds. You have very little to lose and, potentially, a lot of clarity, self-understanding and improved day-to-day happiness to gain.

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